Bobby Abreu Signing Loaded With WTF

Bobby Abreu

In this week’s WHAT THE HELL RUBE move of the offseason, the Philadelphia Phillies have signed Bobby Abreu to a minor league deal, according to CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman.

Read that again, if needed. It’s true.

This is the same Bobby Abreu who was once a Home Run Derby-winning Phillie, the same one who drew a great deal of undeserved ire from Phillies fans during his time here and the same one who hasn’t played a major league game since October of 2012.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a terrible baseball move by the pure “is he worth it” evaluation. Though Abreu is turning 40 in March and hasn’t had a good season since 2010, it’s a minor league contract worth $800,000 if he makes the team. Matt Gelb reported that Abreu will probably be used as a left-handed option off the bench, giving him some value WAR may not recognize.

But the move is undeniably hilarious in the context of Amaro’s offseason. Signing Marlon Byrd only begun a litany of strange moves from the Phillies’ personnel signal-caller — the Abreu signing has given the offseason a whole new aura of strange. It’s hard to imagine Amaro putting any more thought into the Abreu signing than sitting at his desk, throwing papers into the air and demanding someone to just sign him. This offseason has seemingly had no real plan, and this move just makes it even more perplexing.

Abreu was phenomenal during his first run as a Phillie, but those days are probably in the past. Hey, expectations for this season should be in the dumps anyway, so why not laugh along with the Phils?


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